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June 27, 2017


Alvin S. Matabang, CSP, PFSO, CST

A very well thought useful information to evey corporate organization that needs CI. My salute and thanks to sir Steve Cutler for sharing this initiative from colleagues and more power to the organizers.


I like this article with two minuendo.

The article overlook the shareholders compositions and by consequence the Board composition (different nationalities). Even if a company may be USA based it could be French or Chinese owned. So when the writer reefer to " ... collection efforts from foreign intelligence entities (FIEs) ... " we may find that those foreign entities are not that foreign after all and may be supporting the actual owner from a nationality perspective. This is particular true in the critical infrastructure business but it can be as well in the FMG or high-end luxury goods.

In my view. the use of just US based CI experts is as well a minuendo to the concept. Corporation and their Board of Directors must have multiple and different perspectives on any subject. More so in security and/or CI, so the creation of a CI structure exclusively of former US GI's may not suite the scope of the multinational.

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