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September 25, 2015


Steve Harrold

Bob provided a great answer to this question. I would like to build on Bob's answer by offering an additional "lens" that the prospective job seeker might consider when evaluating the "corporate vantage point." That is; taking a close, honest look at whether your particular strengths and capabilities align to what the organization actually needs at this point in time. In other words, would you be the right leader at the right time for this particular organization? Is the organization looking for a leader that will transform the function? Are they looking for a leader that can deliver incremental improvement? Is management expecting the function to be changed both in terms of organization and/or services in a substantial way? The answers to these questions can often be fleshed out in interviews with senior leaders by asking a lot of open-ended questions; such as "What should Security provide tomorrow that's not being provided today?" "What should stay the same." "What should be different." Once you collect the feedback, you can assess whether your skills and capabilities will either close a gap for the organization or otherwise fill an important experience gap in your own career plan. Either way, if you're clear on aligning what you can bring to the role with what the organization actually needs (as expressed by its senior leaders) you will have yet another important data point upon which to base your decision.

J. David Quilter

Both Bob and Steve offer great suggestions on how and what to consider regarding new opportunities. Another suggestion might be to seek confidential wise and knowledgeable counsel from others who have made similar career changes. Establishing your own network of like-minded professionals in invaluable to everyone's success. I know has been and is to mine. Finally, if you are someone moving from the public to the private sector such a move has many additional cultural aspects to consider than simply moving from one corporate culture to another. Aligning oneself to the right organization I believe incorporates all the above.

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