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October 27, 2008


Eddie Petty

I am a seasoned hybred seasoned global security professional. In my experience of 20 years I will agree every now and then you will find the "exception" for a successful career move from law enforcement into the private sector. However the vast majority of those who fail or get tagged as a "bull in a china" shop end up giving Corporate Security a black eye in so many business segements and markets. Most lack not only the business experience; but also technology skills, as well any understanding of civil laws, torts and true financial crimes and crisis management skills for a global enterprise. I have seen a lot of global corporations hire a former law enforcement or military person just because they believe the candidate is going to save the day for their enterprise. Only to find out in short order these folks lack so many skills necessary to lead, manage or even be part of a best practices global security team. I will say that this group of law enforcement and military do however make excellent security consultants. One must have the mindset of "I am a educated and experienced business executive who happens to practice in several areas of security". But this is just one persons view point who has lived and traveled extensively in ASIA-PAC, EMEA and CALA
Today one must not only know traditional security but be very astute in IT Security and compliance issues.

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